Kristen Poindexter asked

What curricular materials, if any, does your school use and why were they chosen?

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Angela Homan

1. We create units by looking at the state standards and organizing the standards.
2. We create student learning maps for each unit and write essential questions.
3. We look for supporting materials. We have the Bridges series for math. Other than that, we find our own resources and write lessons.

Yes, it is very hard for new staff.

Jan Ogino NBCT

We use Saavas for science and math. It was chosen likely because it was the least controversial, content wise. Benchmark Advanced was chosen for ELA because of its focus on informational text.

Dawn Bates, NBCT

We use Wit and Wisdom for ELA. It was chosen to help with comprehension and informative writing. We use TCI for science. This was chosen because it has engaging activities such as online formative assessments, and digital resources. For math we use GoMath. It has interactive videos to help the students learn a new skill.

Gina Pepin, Ed.D.

We began Eureka Squared this year for elementary math - and use the new version of Wonders for reading

Erean Mei,M.Ed

At my school, we've chosen research-based curriculums to guide our teaching. We use CKLA for reading, Eureka for math, and Amplify for science. For social-emotional lessons, we rely on Second Step.

Brian Lassiter

The first priority is the state standards. To help address the standards, here is the list of curriculum my county uses:

1. HMH Ed Learning- Math/ Science
2. Savvas- ELA
3. Nystrom Young Citizens- Social Studies