Gina Pepin, Ed.D. asked

School year- does your school district wrap up the school year by the end of May? Do you teach in a district that has a modified calendar schedule?
I am curious to learn more in your thoughts, experiences etc on this!

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Angela Homan

We start school the last week in August and end in early June. We have 182 student days (2 more than required by the state). No spring break!

Jan Ogino NBCT

We end before Memorial Day and start at the beginning of August. It helps with the end of the second quarter before Christmas. So the high school in our unified district dictates much of the calendar.


We start the beginning of August and finish middle of May. Due to weather we are end of May this year. I love having all of June off and limited PDs in July.

Dawn Bates, NBCT

We usually begin school around the middle of August and end at the end of May. This year we are done on May 24th.

Ashley Thomas

We have decided to do a modified school year so we are done this year May 31 and we go back July 30. Students will come back August 7. I don’t hate it because I live far away from my family so the longer breaks give me time to go see them!

Erean Mei,M.Ed

This year we began August 21st and end around June 7th. We follow a traditional calendar schedule, so we wrap up the school year in early June. This schedule allows for a longer summer break and aligns with the typical academic calendar in our area.

I find that ending in early June gives us enough time to wrap up curriculum, conduct end-of-year assessments, and provide closure for students before they transition to the next grade. It also allows for some flexibility in case of any unforeseen school closures or weather-related issues during the year.

We start right around August 1st each year and end the Friday before Memorial Day. We have a week off in October for Fall Break, a week for Thanksgiving, and then two weeks off for Winter Break. We have a few days off in January and February and our next break is Spring Break, usually the first week of April.
Each quarter has 9 weeks and our students attend 181 days of school.

Ashley Thomas

We just ended on Friday and teachers will come back July 30 with students starting August 7. We do have a modified school year so we have a week for Thanksgiving, two and half weeks in late December, and a week for spring break.

Brian Lassiter

We begin mid- August and end the weekend before Memorial Day. We have 4, 9 week sessions. The students are in session for 180 days.