Gina Pepin, Ed.D. asked

Our district just started using Clever for a single sign on so that students can easily get into district provided apps etc… how do you encourage families to utilize this in the summer? Do you organize a parent training?

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Ashley Thomas

I’m moving to a new district and school next year but in the past with my math intervention students, I would do a raffle and anyone who used Freckle Math over the summer would be entered to win a new backpack with school supplies! Kids loved it!


We use Destiny Discover through Follett and our families can access all technologies we use on one spot. We also use a password card for all students to use in class and at home. It makes access so much easier.

Erean Mei,M.Ed

Encouraging families to utilize Clever over the summer can be a fantastic way to keep students engaged and learning. Organizing a parent training session or providing resources, such as how-to guides or videos, can significantly help families understand the benefits and how to use Clever effectively. Additionally, sharing ideas for educational apps or resources available through Clever that students can use over the summer could further enhance their learning experience. In my experience, I've found that providing families with how-to guides has made accessing Clever easy for them, and most families have been able to navigate it without difficulty.

Brian Lassiter

We also have a single sign in for the students to use (ClassLink). During the year, students use the technology often. Throughout the year the students are required to use the technology at home. I keep open communication with the parents to help them understanding the process. At the end of the year, I send home a summer "To Do" list to keep the parents/ students using the tech often.