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A lesson hook is a short opening to a lesson. It should grab your students’ attention and leave them wanting to learn more. Hooks can prepare your students for the content they will be learning.

A good lesson hook strategy can make all the difference when it comes to engaging students and maximizing their learning. You can use your lesson hook to establish connections between existing knowledge and the new content.

Any break from the ordinary can be exciting. Change your learning setting to get students engaged and excited for what’s to come.

There are tons of lesson hooks that you can use and find online. Here are some ideas:

Theme your classroom for the lesson (posters, learning centers, bulletin boards, etc.)

Use “feely” boxes or bags

Create a survey and graph the results

Use music

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Linda Dixon

What learning hooks have you used to engage your students?

Angela Homan

I like anticipation sets where you give a series of statements where students predict true/false. Then revisit at end of lesson.

Angela Homan

For lessons where students have some background knowledge, I like gallery walks or sort cards.

Angela Homan

Short background videos from YouTube where you have guiding questions, ask them to write 3 new facts, or identify what a new means used in the video.

Sometimes a good old fashion KWL chart … or something similar is a great way to start.