Gina Pepin, Ed.D. asked

Does your district offer professional development over the summer? If so, does it include a stipend or something similar?

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We have 24 hours to complete and our district offers at least that many in the summer. We do not receive anything except our PD hours which are required.

Angela Homan

We have some required inservice days in August that are district wide.

Most years, we have optional days in July and August that are trade days. If you attend these programs, you can have off an inservice day in October or April. Most staff love this option.

Ashley Thomas

I’m in the process of switching school districts so I cannot confirm about my new district but my former district did. I do think it’s extremely important that teachers get that pay when they give up hours outside their normal hours!

Brian Lassiter

We have several opportunities for PD during the summer. Depending on the subject and the timeframe is it a paid PD. The state also has PD that the curriculum coaches attend.

Dawn Bates, NBCT

Yes, my district does offer professional development during the summer and we do receive a stipend for it.

Jan Ogino

No, generally I am looking for opportunities myself. Fortunately, I have enough access to resources to offer me most of the choices that suit my needs. National Board Academy is one place that I can look to for PD for free.