Community Guidelines

Uppercase is a new kind of collaborative learning platform designed for teachers. We offer high-quality content and instructional resources embedded within a supportive community of peers and experts. We’re on a mission to help the expert teachers of today guide and shape the expert teachers of tomorrow. Help us foster a safe, supportive community by following these Community Guidelines:

  • Uppercase is a supportive and inclusive environment. Do not post content that discriminates against, insults, or aims to silence anyone based on their religious beliefs, political beliefs, age, gender and gender identity, physical characteristics, or sexual orientation.
  • Be mindful of privacy and safety. Do not share any personally identifiable information about students or others, and safeguard your account information and passwords.
  • We believe that sharing knowledge lifts all boats. Please create or post content that you believe other educators will find useful.
  • Our goal is to create a positive, uplifting community where teachers find support and colleagueship. Treat other community members with courtesy and respect. We do not endorse bullying, harassment, or personal attacks.
  • Do not share any material that is defamatory, offensive, obscene, hateful, or otherwise objectionable. Do not share any material that promotes violence or illegal activities.
  • In the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing, please be aware that the content you provide to the platform will be shared openly with and may be used freely by other members of the Uppercase community.
  • You must have all necessary rights and permissions to share the content you provide to the Uppercase platform. Do not share any material that infringes the intellectual property rights of any other person. 

These guidelines are part of our Terms of Service. Violating them could result in suspension of your account.